Food Allergy Awareness Month 2015: Because No One Should Feel Alone

Spring is here—the sun is shining, pollen is reducing us to tears, and everywhere people are preparing to band together to raise awareness about food allergies. May is Anaphylaxis Canada’s Food Allergy Awareness Month. FAAM began in 2010 as an effort to promote a sense of community and belonging, and to educate people about food allergies.

I remember the isolation I felt as a kid growing up with allergies. It wasn’t until my teens, when I started mentoring kids who had allergies and asthma, that I understood that there were others like me. Not everyone has that kind of opportunity, so it’s important to start early to help promote a sense of inclusivity and understanding.

But what can you do to help? Why Risk It?, Anaphylaxis Canada’s teen-centric site, has a whole list of ways you can participate, but I’m going to challenge you to my own version:

  • Tweet a funny, sad, or inspirational140-character story about your allergy experiences using the hashtags #FAAM2015 or #NoOneIsAlone.
  • Tell at least one person a day about food allergies or FAAM during the month of May.
  • Post about allergy awareness and FAAM on Facebook or your own blog.
  • Share this post with family and friends.